We provide a catalog of products varying from Omni-Directional Antennas to Power Splitters.

We provide ready-to-use smart grid & smart city products. We also provide a service for designing and manufacturing custom cards tailored to your IoT needs.

One of our greatest R&D endeavors are RF Energy harvesting systems. The entire system as well as each part in the generation, transmission and rectification process is avaliable.


For Cellular Base Station applications, we offer:

  • RF Front Ends, up/down converters, transmitters/receivers.
  • Filters, multiplexers, combiners/dividers, couplers.
  • RF detectors & sensors, Amplifiers, PIN switches, switch filters.
  • Adaptive impedance matching modules.
  • PIN Diode Switches and Switch Matrices.

For Smart Grid / Building / Cities, we offer:

  • RF Energy harvesting
  • Wireless or Wired communications (PLC, RF, LoRa, WiFi, ZigBee, etc)
  • Ultra-low power smart wireless sensor and smart devices
  • Embedded Software for microcontrollers

RF Energy Harvesting / Wireless Power Transfer

For Ultra Low Power applications, we offer:

  • Dedicated RF Power Transmitters
  • RF Energy Harvesting sensors and communication modules

Testing & Simulation Services

In our RF / Microwave Lab, we offer:

  • Simulations of various Antennas, RF Amplifiers, Filters, Multiplexers etc.
  • Testing your RF modules to get ready for the market

RF Consulting Services

We provide expert academic consultancy for your projects such as:

  • Adaptive control for efficient, reliable, and sustainable communications in Smart Grid.
  • Optimizing SNR, efficiency, latency, bandwidth, coverage, power consumption parameters for SGC.
  • Wireless sensors
  • Smart devices

We are the Turkey Representative of Sonnet Software, a High Frequency Electromagnetic Software. Contact us for more information and buying options.